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NSP Services

"Conforming our land use practices to the land depends everywhere on the preservation of locally adapted species and varieties of domestic plants and animals.  Among the groups formed to preserve livestock breeds, none is more impressive than the Navajo Sheep Project, which is both necessary and exemplary.  What I particularly like about the Navajo Sheep Project is it's understanding of the interdependence of a landscape, it's local economy, and it's local culture."
Wendell Berry

The Navajo Sheep Project has also been about service, to those who the Navajo-Churro sheep has a purpose. The NSP has outreaching to many people within the Four corner states which include, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
Service via outreach education, return and re-deployment of seedstock to the Dine' and the Hispanic cultures is an important hands-on duty of the Navajo Sheep Project.

NSP Services are:

 - Sheep and Wool Workshops

 - Mentor Flock Program

 - Starter Flock Program

 - Ram Exchanges

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