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Board of Trustees


Tara E Roche - President

Tara has been raising Navajo-Churro since 2011. She is a member of the Mentor Flock Program. She has been a Board Member since August of 2012. She was elected Vice President in October 2014 and was finally elected President in March of 2016. She is a strong believer that education and community outreach are of vital importance for the Project. She is also a lead in our drought relief project, Investments in Resilience. Her next goal is to help locate a site for a proposed Four Corners Region Sustainable Sheep and Wool Industry Center.

Irene Benalley - Vice President

Irene is a long time producer and is largely responsible for the success of the Investments in Resilience program. We are pleased she became our Vice President in March 2020. We look forward to a long and effective collaboration. 

Judy Chism - Treasurer

Judy is a member of the Mentor Flock Program in addition to her service on the Board. She also manages the flock housed in Paradise, UT. 

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Eric R. Olsen

Matt Chism

Alta Piechowski

Terrell Piechowski

Wes Newman

Corryn LaRue - PR

Technical Advisors

Lyle McNeal, PhD - Founder

P.O. Box 4454

Logan, UT 84323-4454

Nancy McNeal

Marla Trowbridge

Michael Gagnon

Special Projects

Investments in Resilience:

Tara E Roche, Project Director

Irene Benalley, Regional Shepherd Coordinator


WebMaster: Tara E Roche

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